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Some Information about our Carpet Sets

Each carpet set is for the interior of the car & generally excludes boot carpets ( although we can make boot sections in matching carpet or original hardura ). Where the load area at the back of the car is part of the interior (like MGB GT) the carpet set is every piece in the car. Many sets also include handbrake & gearstick gauntlets in matching leathercloth if that is how they were produced originally, all included in the price.

Carpet sets are manufactured using deep pile tufted automotive carpet that is very similar in appearance to the original style carpets that were used in many 60's & 70's cars. We have recently introduced hessian backing (sackcloth fabric) on our black carpet which is even more authentic! We can offer Latex backing as a cheaper alternative to hessian on some patterns and also wool for sheer luxury if required.

Each section of carpet is reproduced in the same style & size as original & all cut edges that are visible are then bound in a leathercloth material to ensure a luxury appearance. We use bith hard backed & soft backed carpet in our interior sets. Soft backed carpet always looks better on wheelarches & tunnels & is much easier to fit.

We usually include heel mats on both front footwell carpets. Additionally we can supply overmats for most models (for an additional charge). Binding in a contrast colour is also possible.

We also make the original carpet spikes, sockets & studs that were used to to install the floor sections on most classic cars. This is a kit sold seperately that includes 20 of all 3 fasteners & allows the customer to fit the carpet in the original way.

Additionally we offer boot (trunk) carpet sets & lining sets. Most cars originally did not have carpet in the boot. You were lucky if just a very cheap boot mat was included. Now we can supply budget boot carpet sets (usually boot mat & spare wheel cover), Full boot carpet sets including millboard for many cars or boot lining sets that use a pvc coated felt known as hardura. Hardura is a material that was widely used on 50's to 70's cars as it was cheap, looked good & had sound deadening qualities. We can supply this in plain or ribbed finish.

Colours are available to special order, usually 5-10 working days for manufacture.

Please note colours can appear different when viewed on a computer screen. Please ensure a sample is requested, which will be sent free of charge, BEFORE, placing an order with us as once an order goes into production it can not then be cancelled.

About Our Carpet Sets


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